What a week!

Good Morning Everyone!

Lets hope this coming week runs a lot smoother then last weeks did! I know many of you know that we had a rough week last week and had some medical emergencies that came up, my husband is now out of the hospital and is re-cooperating on the couch... did I mention he's driving me nuts now! I don't think we will be seeing the inside of a hospital again for awhile (at least for him!) as I threatened to take his favorite cow Janet, turn her into hamburger and sell it all if he got this sick again!

On Tuesday (May 17th) Elizabeth and I did make our run to the city with veggies, we had to come back to the valley, I ended up in the hospital with my husband Colby, and Elizabeth took her car to continue making deliveries and then got called back that evening with a medical emergency with her daughter! In the midst of all of this, our harvesthand website went down for maintenance, the host of the site was doing some work on all of the harvesthand sites leaving it so that we could not get in to our customer accounts, we had some of your address's already on our drop off list that we were able to write down before the site went down, but the rest we really really were hoping were pickups at some of our locations, so we did leave extra shares at some of our drop off locations just in case! This coming week is all ready set up, everything is organized and all we have left to do is pick, wash, and pack veggies, wash eggs and bake bread and sweets!

Working in the greenhouses has been AMAZING! We are loving the heat and the sunshine and have even been able to work on our tans while we plant and pick! The kale is up and looking beautiful, the swiss chard stems are a gorgeous shade of red right now and the beets are coming along fabulously. We have 9 different types of lettuce and salad greens growing so you will all get an opportunity to try many many ways to eat salads this summer.  Some of you met Jax this past week when you did your pick ups at In the Raw, he enjoyed waving goodbye to everyone and getting his hugs! Him and I spent the early part of the morning today planting 300 more pepper transplants, some red, yellow, green, orange, purple and chocolate peppers. I planted, he sat in the garden and talked to the bean plants, they say talking to your plants is good for them so hopefully all of his babbling will help us grow ten foot tall bean plants! We have heard from many of you that you LOVE pea's, so, yesterday morning I planted 3 more looooonnngggg rows of peas for you!

We have fresh pork up for sale now as well, we can include it in your shares on Tuesday if you let us know by Monday. All pork is raised here on the farm, free of chemicals or growth hormones, and yes, Jax talks to the pigs as well lol!  Prices for pork are as follows:

Pork chops bone in, $4,00/lb

Boneless Pork chops $4.50/lb

Roasts $4.25/lb

Ground Pork, $4.50/lb

We also have chicken that will be ready the second week of July  and are taking orders.


All Halifax and area pickups will be on Tuesday, we will be hitting the city around 10 am and will be making In The Raw our first drop of location, we will continue our way throughout the city to all of our other locations at that point and will be ending with our final deliveries in Kentville around supper time!  We look forward to seeing everyone and delivering fresh veggies and smiles! Remember, as the season goes on we will have more and more produce to share with you and the variety and abundance will continue to grow each week!