Preseason News 2016!

Welcome to all of our 2016 CSA members! Our dining room table is full of seedlings, the sun is pouring in through the south facing window as I'm writing this, the chicks are all peeping and chirping under the heat lamp and the pigs are busy playing in some fresh hay Colby just gave them. I couldn't ask for a better Sunday! We have spent the winter dreaming of harvest season, putting new plastic on the greenhouse,  planning our planting schedules and educating people on the importance of eating fresh, whole foods. Now its time to put it all in motion once again! The last few months have been so busy planning our upcoming CSA year, as well as getting the website and facebook page up and running and taking on new orders! We have had many questions sent to us: when do deliveries start, will we know everything that is in our share, can we buy extras, how often does our share arrive, etc... We decided the best thing to do was to send out an early newsletter to all of our customers letting them know some of these answers.

When do deliveries start: Our first shares will be delivered May 14th weekend, we can not wait to see everyone!

Will I recognize everything in my share: Each week you will know what 90% of your share is and what you can use it for, BUT each week we will also add in one or two items that you may not recognize! DO NOT PANIC! Along with that unrecognizable item (could be fiddleheads, or maybe a kohlrabi, who knows!) we will also include a recipe and instructions on how to use and cook them! Families find that CSA shares really help to broaden their tastebuds and love of veggies.

How often do our shares arrive: Your shares will arrive on a weekly basis and their will be enough in them (depending on the size you chose) for the average person, or family to get their fill for the week

Can we buy extras: We always have extras available for sale as well! If you need 20 lbs of carrots and an extra 20 lbs of potatoes this week because you have company coming, or an extra few loaves of bread, just let us know and we can include that in your box for that week. We also are at the Mid Valley Farmers Marker in Wilmot every Saturday between 10 and 2 and love to see our customers! When buying extra produce on top of your regular share we offer all CSA members an additional 10% off at time of purchase, as a thank you for committing to buying local!

What all does the two farms offer: Working together seemed like the right thing to do for both myself (Beckie) and Elizabeth, we knew that this way we could ensure that our customers always had the freshest foods we could provide, as well as the best customer service. We work very closely together to provide you with a wide range of goods. For the 2016 year we are able to offer a range of vegetables, fruits, eggs, sweet treats, breads, flowers, and preserves, We are able to offer fruit and vegetables later on in the summer in larger quantities. We also are able to offer turkeys, chicken, pork and beef to our customers. To order larger quantities of fruits and vegetables, as well as our meat please drop us an email, give us a call or talk to us when picking up your share! We are a grocery one stop shopping trip!

We hope this early newsletter has left everyone on the edge of their seats awaiting the first arrival of their share! Help us spread the word about eating local, eating whole, and getting to know your farmers!  If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line. We still have 6 more share spots open at the moment as well if anyone would like to pass the word along to their friends and families! We look forward to seeing you as we drop off our first shares of the 2016 year! Also, keep an ear open for our farm visit day later on in the summer, you will be able to come see where your food is grown, meet the farmers and families behind it, stay for a bbq and even play with some silly goats!

Well, I'm off to bed now, barn chores come early and so does school for the boys!