Annapolis Valley Growers Co-Op / Annapolis Valley Growers Co-Op

Are you looking for fresh organic produce grown locally by farmers who truly care about providing the best and most delicious fruits and veggies that we can? Are you interested in supporting small family farms and farming families? Want to try eating with the seasons and sampling some delicious new varieties? If you answered yes then our CSA might be just what you're looking for. We invite you to explore our pages and contact us with any questions you have. 

Annapolis Valley Growers (AVG) is a co-operative partnership between 2 small family farms located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley near Middleton. We both believe in growing organically and at the time of writing this both of our farms are certified. We are all using very similar techniques for growing the best produce, flowers, herbs, meat and eggs that we can. In 2016 we are hoping to partner with Valley Mushrooms to offer even more variety to our produce boxes and we will have a selection of meats including chicken, turkey, pork and lamb as well as free range eggs available to order either alone or as an addition to your box. Soaps and lotions are now available for add-ons too from our local supplier Tipsy Toad Grove, how exciting!

Annapolis Valley Growers began as an extension of the Mid Valley Farmers Market which we started in the summer of 2015. Speaking for myself (Elizabeth from Humblebee Farm) I simply got tired of all the driving I was doing to sell at other markets and I missed having a Saturday market close to home near Middleton and Greenwood. So the long and the short of it is that we got together with a few other farms and organized our own market. Now you may think we're a bit crazy to begin in the middle of the season with no money for a start-up and just our little group of growers and artisans, but we had a sensational time! We got to know lots of lovely customers, we learned more about marketing and growing, and we ran a couple of successful box programs in conjunction with the market. In total we had about 20 vendors over the course of the season. Between the 2 farms in our Co-Op and our soap supplier, we produced and sold bakery goods, flowers, herbs, preserves, soap, lotions, BBQ sausages and of course fruits and vegetables galore! We found infact that we are so successful we both need to expand for next year so we have joined forces to offer something new in our area, a CSA that supports multiple farms.

How is a cooperative CSA better for us and for you? We have different skills, interests and soils so individual farms can concentrate on what we're good at and what  we enjoy. You as a customer can be assured that we will have a great selection regardless of problems at one farm. If my carrots don't grow very well that's alright because Beckie is also growing carrots. It also allows to have a wider variety of crops available over the growing season as farms coordinate with each other and plant successive crops through the entire growing season. We will have our first deliveries available on May 13 and continuing for 26 weeks into November. In fact we're now able to deliver everything you need for your Thanksgiving dinner except the wine. The order dates may look a little strange but your delivery location will determine you as either being a pick up on a Friday or Saturday  

Please bear with us as we get our website up and running, and be sure to check out the blog and the CSA pages as we get them up and running. Thanks for supporting local growers and small family farms. We hope to have our order system up and open for sales as of February 20th.


Partner farms: Humblebee Farm - Elizabeth & Stephen

Quick Draw Farm - Beckie & Colby

Local Supplier: Tipsy Toad Grove - Sue & Troy